I love the glamorous and elegant style, but I do also have days, where I prefer to dress myself more hip and fresh and sexy and colourful. Perfect choice for such a day is this outfit with the hippie style metallic look mini dress. To give it even more colours, I choose a pair of pink vintage stockings and pink boots! I’m ready for the city and when I found this graffity wall, I just had to pose there! 87 Photos

I love the ocean and to be at the beach! Who knows me, knows that I don’t like to wear a bikini there! My lingerie is anyway too beautiful to hide it under clothes, so thats why I show my lingerie at the beach. See me today in a blue corset and mathcing bicolour blue stockings. 110 pictures

What a wonderful autumn day here at the Island! Blue sky, warm sun and the best, Gina is here for her vacation! We decided to go to the beach and to enjoy the sun on our skin, the smell of the ocean and of course ourselves! Don’t miss the complete set in my members area! 98 Photos

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After work Amanda invited me to make a trip with her awesome black Porsche. Of course that precious baby is parked in the basement garage. As usually when we two meet, we are very excited. Amandas muscuar legs are so sexy and she shares all my passions ………… high shoes, nylons, garters, girdles and last but not least, tight business suits. So see us having fun together at the garage, before we leave with the black beauty Porsche! 77 pictures

What can be better then making a lunch break at the ocean! This way I get my head free and new energy for the office and I can for sure cool down in the cold sea! But as you can see, I’m like a cowboy which keeps always his hat on, I never take off my stockings and high heels! This shoes are for sure waterproofed ……………….. now LOL! 106 Photos