You know that I’m the women with the two faces! Innocent looking with that babypink corset, the white petticoat, white seamed stockings and my hair up like a ballet dancer …………. but then I take my pink high heel pumps off and use the heel to stuff my pussy! When I’m excited, I can’t keep my fingers from myself and I’m very naughty! Do not only watch me, but join me! 163 Pictures  

Join me at the piano and see me in my sexy black satin corset dress! Cold and slippy satin feels so sexy on my body and the feeling is even more intense, as I have corsetted the dress as tight as possible. Al I’m wearing under my dress is a sheer garder belt with 8 straps and a lovery French pair of stockings designed by Madonna. I’m just not too sure, if I should wear this dress also when I go out at night *wink-wink*! 115 Pictures

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A tight corset feels so good on my body! It gives it the right sexy shape with a tight waist and it’s pushing my tits! See me wearing a tight black and golden corset, a golden mini skirt, black seamed fully fashioned stockings and golden mules! I’m at the fireplace and standing there is heading my body up. Well I assume it’s not only the fire making me hot but there are horny fantasies in my mind ………….. You, there, with me, caressing and licking and sucking my feets …… I’m rubbing my juicy pussy, working my tits and when I can’t resist any more, I will peg you to fuck me hard from behind! 102 pictures

Andreas wanted to see me in a Vinyl dress enjoying myself. Here we go ………. and I sure did enjoy. Later in that video my neighbour was in his garden, so I had to “control” myself! 15:53 minutes playtime

When Gina comes to visit me, the days do always fly to quickly. We are together all day and night but did never managed to speak about everything we had in mind, or to visit places I wanted to show her. However, on our schedule was this wonderful tropical parque. We both were wearing sexy turquoise mini dresses, sheer and shiny stockings and sexy high heel sandales. We love to dress up similar, and whenever Gina showes me her suitcase and which outfits she brougth with her, I find similar once in my wardrobe. Our taste is just so similar! Well, get teased by us and peep our sexy posings at the parque. 122 Pictures