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After work Amanda invited me to make a trip with her awesome black Porsche. Of course that precious baby is parked in the basement garage. As usually when we two meet, we are very excited. Amandas muscuar legs are so sexy and she shares all my passions ………… high shoes, nylons, garters, girdles and last but not least, tight business suits. So see us having fun together at the garage, before we leave with the black beauty Porsche! 77 pictures

What can be better then making a lunch break at the ocean! This way I get my head free and new energy for the office and I can for sure cool down in the cold sea! But as you can see, I’m like a cowboy which keeps always his hat on, I never take off my stockings and high heels! This shoes are for sure waterproofed ……………….. now LOL! 106 Photos

It was great to have Paulina for a visit on my island. Of course I wanted to show her as much as possible. When we left home to drive to the mountains, we thought it’s better to wear a pantyhose as it might be chilly there. But somehow those sexy tights did attract us more, then the mountains and it’s beautiful view. 127 Pictures

In my custom video for Donald I’m getting naughty wearing a tight sherr long dress, a sheer garter belt and my nipple free bra! See me playing with my black toy and inserting a stocking deep in my pussy and in my ass! 19:21 minutes playtime

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Shiny seamed stockings in copper do make look my legs so sexy! And so does my sheer corselet! When I’m excited I do always have an “idea” how to give me release. This time I play with my mesh panty, rub it over my swollen clit and my pussylips and do let it finally completly disappear in my wet grot! I’m sure to watch me, will drive you crazy ………… Did I mention the bronw leather mules?? Giving so many possibilities to play with my feets on your hard cock! 91 Pictures