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When I meet with Vicky we always have a wonderful and hot time togehter! We share so many things but the most important we do have the same passion for stockings, lingerie, pantyhoses and high heels. Sometimes we also do share our outfits, as in this set. I thought it would look so hot, if we both are wearing petticoats, the matching skirts and tight corsets! So I borrowed Vicky my red outfit and I thought it will look very hot if I do wear the similar outfit in black. But just see by yourself how hot we do look together and how hot we are getting together! 127 Photos

I will meet my best friend in town to go shopping together. As it might get colder later in the afternoon, I decided to wear a sheer pantyhose under my pink mini skirt BUT the main reason is of course, that it is turning me so much on to feel that seamless Wolford Fatal 15 on my body. Lately I love to wear pink, as it is such a fresh colour and as it matches so good my black hair. Ready to go, I check for a last time in my bathroom, if I look good and I refresh my lipstick. But then I end up, how I mostly end up and I can’t resist not to play around with me! Well, as you will see on the photos, my pussy is so juicy, how could I resist!! Would be the same, as you would have to leave your house with a boner. OF COURSE you release yourself before you go 95 Pictures

Get teased by peeping me at my sofa playing with myself and wearing that lovely black and red dress with black seamed stockings! Mhhh, I’m sure you would love it as much as me to lick my juice from my fingers.   118 pictures

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I was chasing a nylon dealer and lost unfortunately his sleuth. I ended up in an old garage. But, of course I’m a smart officer and did put a pair of lovely dark brown copper seamed stockings on. So I decided to pose very hot on that old Trabbi to attract the attention of that wretch and to convice him to come out of his hiding-place. Well, he probably must have found another way out of that garage as all my effort was for nothing. I showed my tits, my ass, my pussy, my girdle, my legs and even my black high mules could not convenience him to come out. 120 Photos

John asked me to wear a very sheer dress and under it a red balcony bra and a red garterbelt. As stockings I have choosen a pair of sheer black diamand patterned stockings. Then I should play with my stockings. Well, John, to do that, you don’t have to ask me twice as it is exactly that what turns me on. I just have to practise to write with my lipstick on my body You can see the complete video in full hdtv in my membersarea. A little teaser video you will find below. 30 minutes playtime