See me at the dunes wearing a very sexy tan and black pantyhose with garterbelt design. Hmm, it makes me feel so sexy and seductive! 89 Pictures

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I feel so seductive wearing this tight pink corset and the pink seamed stockings! They feel so shiny and sheer on my legs and my mesh babydoll feels so light on my body! It’s early in the morning and I love to start my day by having my cup of coffee at the garden. Everything smells so fresh, the birds are singing and the flowers do smell so lovely. What a great feeling to be there just in my lingerie after a good sleep. As you will see I’m quite excited. Let me tease you, come with me at the garden and press yourself tightly on me …… and I’m sure there do come more “hot” things in mind to do with me! 97 pictures

I’m sure you will enjoy us two ladies just wearing sexy vintage lingerie and sheer stockings. My black and pink girdle shows my butt so nicely and gives my figure a perfect shape. Hot blondy Monique is wearing a sheer fullbody corselete and a pair of black stockings. See us having fun together at the blacksmith! We were hoping that the big muscular black smith would be there ……………. 112 Pictures      

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You know that I’m the women with the two faces! Innocent looking with that babypink corset, the white petticoat, white seamed stockings and my hair up like a ballet dancer …………. but then I take my pink high heel pumps off and use the heel to stuff my pussy! When I’m excited, I can’t keep my fingers from myself and I’m very naughty! Do not only watch me, but join me! 163 Pictures  

Join me at the piano and see me in my sexy black satin corset dress! Cold and slippy satin feels so sexy on my body and the feeling is even more intense, as I have corsetted the dress as tight as possible. Al I’m wearing under my dress is a sheer garder belt with 8 straps and a lovery French pair of stockings designed by Madonna. I’m just not too sure, if I should wear this dress also when I go out at night *wink-wink*! 115 Pictures

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