When I picked this morning this white fullbody corselet I felt immediately very seductive and sexy. As a contrast I choose a pair of lovely dark brown vintage stockings! The white blouse is fulfilling my outfit. At my lunch break I decided to relax for an hour at the beach. It was a shiny summer day, but quite chilly and windy and very high waves. I took off my skirt and went down to the beach. I tried to avoid to get wet, but finally a big high wave caught me and made me complete wet! 147 photos

This is a custom request for a video: In your last video with Kaz you look absolutely awesome! Would love to see you with the same outfit do a video where you’re playing with your pussy, first with your fingers, putting 2 and 3 inside, then use a banana (sorry David it will be a corn cob) and fuck yourself to orgasm, pushing it in and out slowly so I can see your cunt wide open!! 08:55 minutes playtime

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It’s after work and I’m driving home. The late afternoon sun is still shining so lovely. I dedided to make a stop at the beach and to enjoy the last sun for today! I quickly take off my clothes in the car and go down to the beach. My preferred place there are some big rocks, which are all the year very warm from the sun and mostly there is just nobody on that part of the beach. The rock gives a wonderful view over the ocean and I have the quitness there to enjoy just being in my lovely lingerie and my stockings. See me wearing a thong garterbelt, a black bra, Cervin bicolour stockings in tan and black and a pair of black sandales. 78 images

See me wearing a black and red sheer gown, red sheer panties, black stockings, red gloves and my handmade black and red pumps in leather. I’m ready for bed and for sure in a very playful mood. Don’t miss the complete videoclip in my members area! 10:11 minutes playtime

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I’m dressed for a very fancy night. First we meet in my favorite cocktail bar and will have one or two Martini Bianco. Then we have reservated a table at the best Italian restaurant in town. And after?? ………… Well, there is a whole night of fun, erotic and lots and lots of sex. My black “see-true” long dress and the fully fashioned stockings should guarantee an unforgettable night! 99 Pictures